Thank you for your interest in Processing with a Purpose! One of our team will contact you shortly to discuss how we can start to save you money.

Cornerstone benefits

*Pay Less for Overall Processing Fees

Because of our highly efficient operations, we are able to offer the low processing rates!

* You won't be Deplatformed

Many conservative voices are being silenced and censored. With Cornerstone, you won't wake up one morning to find out you've been deplatformed and have no way of accepting credit and debit cards for payment.

*Profits will not be used for Evil Purposes

Most people are unaware of how profits are spent in support of groups and ideologies that are in direct conflict with Judeo-Christian values. At Cornerstone, you can be sure our profits will only be allocated to groups that align with a Christian Biblical worldview.

Cornerstone offers a full compliment of merchant processing services for our clients. Through our Cornerstone Payment Systems Network, we authorize and settle transactions.