The process is simple and the purpose will change lives forever



Thank you for your interest in Processing with a Purpose! One of our team will contact you shortly to discuss how we can start to save you money.

Our Guarantee

Businesses and non-profits that participate under the Processing with a Purpose program are guaranteed to be offered a lower processing rate than with their current processor.

Cornerstone requires two recent merchant statements in order to provide an analysis for this guarantee. If Cornerstone is unable to reduce the processing cost for a referred merchant, Cornerstone will pay the Processing With a Purpose referring partner $500.

Save money and support Ms. Wheelchair California Pagent Inc

We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity for your business or non-profit to save money on credit card processing, while developing ongoing support for Ms. Wheelchair California Pagent Inc at the same time.

Cornerstone Payment Systems believes in the mission of Ms. Wheelchair California Pagent Inc. When you choose to save on your processing with Cornerstone Payment Systems, they will donate back to Ms. Wheelchair California Pagent Inc a percentage of the profits generated for as long as your organization processes with Cornerstone.

Over 50 years of combined credit card management experience.
Easy to process transactions. Simple Accounting. Detailed Reporting.
Committed to separating out Merchant Processing services by putting integrity, partnership, and respect at the Cornerstone of our business.

Cornerstone offers a full compliment of merchant processing services for our clients. Through our Cornerstone Payment Systems Network, we authorize and settle transactions.